Chronicling our travels across Canada and around the world – flying, hiking and more

We’re Mona and Kamal, a couple of travel-obsessed Canadians. Since we met in 2009, we’ve done probably 30 trips – mostly international, but also across Canada and the US, starting with typical tourist trips where we visited historical sites, then growing to include scuba diving and hiking. We’ve been branching out and trying new things lately – expanding our hiking experience, starting to fly places – while we wait to be able to safely travel internationally again. Although we take hundreds – even thousands – of photos on every trip, we’ve never done much with them. So this blog is a place to store our memories and our stories, and share our experiences and insights we learn with friends. You’ll find links to flying and hiking videos, blog posts chronicling our trips, and how-to’s and tips on things we learned that helped us along the way. We hope you like what you see here, and feel free to reach out any time!


As a new private pilot who got licensed during the COVID pandemic, we’ve used flying as a way to escape from our home in Toronto and explore new places, while staying safely away from commercial flights. We try to fly to places with great hiking or biking close by, or at least cute little towns we can explore and find lunch in. You can find all of our flying videos on YouTube at Wings Over TO – YouTube.


We both love all sorts of adventures, from hiking to scuba diving. Whether it’s exploring areas near Toronto, or going further afield in North America or internationally, we try to mix some hikes into almost every trip we do, and try to do a scuba diving trip at least once a year. We especially love finding little hidden gems that aren’t crazy busy yet.


Exploring ancient ruins, tasting our way across regions, experiencing new-to-us cultures…we’re obsessed with travelling and try to do as many international trips as we can fit into our schedules. Or at least, we did before COVID, and we plan to again someday. For now, we’re writing up some of our previous trips.

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